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Next Generation Media Promotion with Verdi Global

Welcome to Verdi Global, a pioneering agency in the realm of media promotion, brand enhancement, and digital innovation. Under the visionary leadership of Pavel Rudanovsky, our agency specializes in transforming imaginative concepts into impactful realities.

Our Portfolio:

Verdi Global's influence spans continents, from Russia and the USA to the UAE and beyond. With an extensive network across the globe, we are uniquely positioned to manage and execute projects with both global impact and local relevance.

Our Media Partners:

Our competitive edge lies in our extensive network of partners worldwide. From regional news channels to renowned media giants, we collaborate with thousands of promotion channels under one roof. At Verdi Global, we work with an array of media outlets, including but not limited to international publications like Forbes, Financial Times, and Bloomberg, as well as local and regional platforms.

Media Coverage:

With a vast network of media and bloggers globally, there is no area of activity or business that Verdi Global cannot cover. We boast strong relations with over 75,000 magazines, 300+ online influencers, and have served over 600 clients for public relations, strategic marketing, and advertising.

What We Offer:

Verdi Global provides a comprehensive solution encompassing all stages of PR. Our services include:

  • Branding: Comprehensive branding solutions covering website creation, branding strategy, visual identity, logo design, and more.

  • Advertising: Social media promotion, interviews on niche websites, and articles on news platforms to enhance visibility and engagement.

  • Management: End-to-end management of your digital presence, including website maintenance, social media channels, and content updates for consistent brand messaging.

World Media Membership:

Our PR program offers a unique opportunity to expand your global presence through publication in reputable media outlets worldwide. We provide tailored membership plans to suit your needs. Contact us for more information, and we will be happy to provide pricing details upon request.


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At Verdi Global, our expert team offers diverse investment strategies and unique real estate opportunities. We specialize in guiding clients toward financial success while fostering long-term partnerships through transparency, reliability, and superior service. Join us to achieve your goals.

We're a trusted partner since 2012, offering prompt, personalized solutions. We serve investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals navigating the Middle East.

  • Individuals: Residency, Education, Banking, Legal Support.

  • Business: Formation, Licensing, Search, Analysis, Account, Legal Support.

  • Investment: Funds, Expertise, Management, Office Space.

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