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Our projects

Innovative Automotive, Real Estate and Energy Ventures

Explore innovation with Verdi Global in automotive and energy. Invest in our luxury electric sports car brand, where design meets technology. Co-own a leading petroleum refinery with projects set for IPOs. Contact us for opportunities.

But that's not all – delve into Verdi Global's holistic investment consulting services. Empowering individuals and businesses since 2012, we tailor services for residency permits, education, and business formation. Ready for personalized investment solutions?


Transformative Technologies for Industries

Verdi Global pioneers transformative technologies. Micropolis Robotics reshapes large-scale operations with AI-powered robots. Rockland Trading leads the healthy food revolution in Dubai. Join us for innovative solutions and sustainable investments.

Diverse Investments for Tomorrow's Success

Diversify your portfolio with Verdi Global. Invest in PowerCell Industries, a leading battery manufacturer with a 5 GWh capacity. Explore the Lago di Santa Croce project, a unique opportunity with incentives before the 2026 Winter Olympics. Contact us for success-driven investments.

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