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Our Guiding Principles:

  • Reliability – We have been serving private individuals and corporate entities since 2012, establishing a track record of trust.

  • Promptness – We strive to provide swift responses and deliver ready-made solutions within a single business day.

  • Exclusivity – We tailor our services to meet the unique goals and challenges of each client, ensuring a personalized approach.

Who Are Our Clients?

  • Investors seeking lucrative opportunities to invest in businesses and real estate ventures across the Middle East.

  • Entrepreneurs aiming to launch successful local projects and expand their business operations on an international scale.

  • Individuals encountering complexities and obstacles while navigating the Middle Eastern landscape.

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Services for Individuals

Residency Solutions for the Whole Family

We provide comprehensive assistance in obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) or a Long-Term Residence Permit (LTRP) for individuals and their families, ensuring a smooth and efficient immigration process.

Education Services for Children

We offer tailored educational solutions for children, including assistance with school admissions, curriculum guidance, and academic support, ensuring a quality learning experience and a solid foundation for their future.

Personal Bank Account Opening

Our experts assist clients in opening personal bank accounts, providing guidance on selecting the most suitable banking options and ensuring compliance with the necessary regulations and requirements.

Legal Support at Every Stage

Our dedicated legal team provides comprehensive legal support throughout various stages, offering professional advice and representation in areas such as contracts, agreements, estate planning, family law, and more.

Business Services

Company Formation

We provide comprehensive assistance in the process of establishing a company, including legal registrations, documentation, and necessary permits, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup.

Licensing of Activities

We guide businesses through the complex process of obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating a seamless authorization process.

Business Search and Acquisition

Our experienced team assists clients in finding and acquiring existing businesses or stakes, conducting thorough due diligence, negotiating deals, and ensuring a smooth transition of ownership.

Analysis and Business Planning

Our team of experts conducts thorough analysis and develops tailored business plans, helping clients identify opportunities, define strategies, and maximize their chances of success.

Corporate Account Opening

We offer professional assistance in opening corporate bank accounts, facilitating seamless financial operations, and ensuring compliance with banking regulations and requirements.

Comprehensive Legal Support

Our dedicated legal team provides full-spectrum legal support, covering areas such as contract drafting and review, dispute resolution, intellectual property rights, and regulatory compliance, ensuring businesses operate with confidence and in adherence to the law.

Investment Opportunities

Purchase and Establishment of Investment Funds

We assist clients in the acquisition and establishment of investment funds, providing guidance on fund selection, structuring, and regulatory compliance, enabling them to diversify their investment portfolios and capitalize on market opportunities.

Professional Investment Expertise Leveraging Administrative Resources

With access to a network of experienced investment professionals and leveraging administrative resources, we offer professional investment expertise, including market research, due diligence, financial analysis, and investment strategy development, helping clients make informed investment decisions.

Opening and Management of Investment Companies

Our comprehensive services encompass the setup and ongoing management of investment companies, including legal and regulatory compliance, risk management, and financial reporting, ensuring efficient operations and investor satisfaction.

Office Space Rental and Acquisition

We provide assistance in finding and securing office spaces suitable for investment firms, considering location, amenities, and lease terms. Whether through rental or purchase, we ensure clients have access to optimal office environments conducive to their investment activities.

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